Here’s the spark!

First of all, I must say that I am honoured to be the first one to post a song in this blog! The post was unsolicited and my fellow blog writers do not know that I am writing it, but still it is an honor to me to be the first one to write in this great blog!

When I first thought of a song to start the blog, “Start me up” came immediately to my mind. I thought it could be a good song, but also a too obvious/mainstream one. But then I remembered “Dancing in the Dark” sentence – “you can’t start a fire without a spark” -, and I thought that this awesome song could be the perfect spark for our blog.

So I leave you this song and I hope that this great spark starts a great fire!

2 comments on “Here’s the spark!

  1. pedroganco says:

    and what a spark! love this song

  2. […] been almost a year (3/4 of it, to be more precise) since we “started the fire“, many posts have been written, some great  songs (at least in length, […]

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