Lourenço’s cacophonic corner

Hey, you!

Yes, you!

Stand still, laddy!

Welcome to my corner of the eucacophonic mash that is our blog 🙂
Be prepared to travel from the 60’s to the 2000’s and back again, for eclecticism is our middle name (as you should know by now: The Boss and Mr. Scatman aren’t always put together, one must say :P)

The song I’ll share with you today is one of my favourites, and definitely one of the best from this group. I first came to know it in a House episode (thank you fox :D)

Brace yourselves, teenage wasteland is coming 😀

Oh, just a small remark: Did anyone recognize the three lines up there? No googling is allowed 😛


6 comments on “Lourenço’s cacophonic corner

  1. “All in all it was just a brick in the wall
    All in all it was just bricks in the wall”

    Waaonnn (guitar playing!)

    “Hey You, Yes you! Stand still laddy!” (screamed)

    Another brick in the wall

  2. pedroganco says:

    One does not simply post random songs… he also leaves riddles besides choosing one great music. Can’t remember the last time I heard this one. thanks!

  3. Lourenço says:

    That was an easy one, especially for a Floyd fan, Maria…
    But I bet that you won’t guess the song in the blog’s header 😛

  4. In good portuguese I recognise the music from Carlos Paiãos’ ‘cacofonia’, is this what u’r refering to?

    • correction: ‘telefonia nas ondas do mar’ 😛

    • Lourenço says:

      I must confess that I didn’t know that song, so no, our cacophony has nothing to do with Paião. But his tribute to the radio (Telefonia nas ondas do ar) is a pretty good song, yes.

      Telefonia nas ondas do ar
      Cacofonia, euforia no lar
      Epidemia do dia após dia
      Num nunca parar
      Sabedoria para ter e vendar
      E a freguesia não vai desligar
      Telefonia, mania, mania de todo o lugar
      Telefonia, magia, magia nas ondas do ar

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