You better get out of their way!

By the same year that Phil Collins released his “Easy Lover” single, the German band Scorpions released one of their most successful albums – triple platinum in the USA. Including worldwide known singles like “Still Loving You” and their signature rock songs “Rock You Like a Hurricane” and “Big City Nights”.

Enough to make it a great album, one may think. But they did not have the same opinion and decided that they could also include some other great songs – which they did. I leave you with a live performance of a song that, despite not being their best (just my opinion, of course!) and certainly not their most known song, is undoubtedly a quite powerful one!


3 comments on “You better get out of their way!

  1. Lourenço says:

    And seeing this live? What a great experience that was..

  2. nuninho89 says:

    Definitely unforgettable!

  3. pedroganco says:

    Scorpions… they’re still in my top 10 (5?)!

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