Miles, God and Potatos!

Good morning Vietnam!

We apologize for yesterday’s blackout. Friday night means poker night so we couldn’t make a post on time.
Talking about it there’s this song that pops into my head every time I think about going out (How I Met Your Mothers’s fault I guess…) from The Proclaimers called 500 miles.

Anyway, in today’s post I’ll be sharing with you one of my favorite guitarists.
I love his work and the way he plays the guitar. May I present you, Tommy Emmanuel.

When I first met this boss a few years ago I couldn’t help it. Just picked up my guitar and tried to learn Blue Moon! (well, I must say I’m still trying…)

Due to the last CacophonicEuphony post with Lourenço’s jazz suggestion, these last two days Ella Fitzgerald has been making me company in my mp3 player.
I believe you’ve never heard this one before. Bonne Appétit

5 comments on “Miles, God and Potatos!

  1. Lourenço says:

    Very nice song and guitarist! In the past few months I’ve grown fonder of acoustic/folk sounding music, in fact my next post may well be about that 😛
    And Mr. Armstrong is instantly recognizable, both his voice and that awesome smile he did when singing. Check this vid and you’ll know what I mean (

  2. nuninho89 says:

    Nice one from Emmanuel, indeed!

  3. Rita Serra says:

    If you’re in to this kind of music, you should check out Billie Holliday’s enchanted interpretations (if you haven´t so already :b) here’s an example:–9aIYos4M8&feature=related

    • pedroganco says:

      Hello Rita!
      I’ve seen in your lastfm that our musical taste is “super compatible” =D and this song is no exception. Loved her voice but I’ve never heard anything from Billie Holiday. hum.. I will hear more of her work
      Thanks for the reply and for the suggestion =)

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