Where grunge was born

Hi there!

As Pedro said in his previous post, we had a bit of a setback (let’s call it that, shall we? :P) yesterday, and so nothing was posted. In fact, I was preparing a new post about an awesome band that has been growing on me, Jethro Tull.

However, when I woke up today, I had an urge to listen to Mr. Neil Young, and so I decided to share my thoughts about his awesome stage presence and music.

Everybody knows (or should) Neil Young as a folk-ish singer-songwriter, who wrote songs like Heart Of Gold, or participated in Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Nuno, you should definitely check out both versions of these guys CSN and CSN&Y). Nevertheless, I learned in time that in his 40 years old career he never stopped his quest for change, and exploration of different musical styles.

I was first introduced to the particular song I’m going to share with you now, when I was searching for Robert Fripp’s solo career (King Crimson’s guitarist and main composer) and found this G3 tour in which he participated. For those who don’t know, G3 is a series of world tours with 3 guitarists, usually Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and an invited guitarist. Well, G3 always finish their concerts with a Neil Young’s song, Rockin’ in the free world, an amazing rock anthem, and, after watching a live rendition with Mr. Fripp I was in love with the song. I found a joint 1979/1991 Neil Young & Crazy Horse concert record, and I was amazed to discover a scent of grunge, which proved to me that  Young was grunge even before the term existed… In fact, the noisier Neil Young and his Crazy Horse seem to have been of fundamental importance to the rising of the genre, as his folksier, psychedelic side was also of paramount importance to everything else 😛

But enough chit chat, be prepared to be blown away by this sheer, savaging, musical attack!

As a bonus, here is the 1979 concert I was talking about (as everybody seems to be posting 2 songs by post now :P)


3 comments on “Where grunge was born

  1. nuninho89 says:

    Rockin in the Free world is just awesome! One of Neil Young best songs!

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