That’s all folk(s)

I claim to be the heaviest, both bodily- and musically-wise, of the group of high-school friends that compose the panel of contributors for this blog, and I dare them to deny me, lol! 😛

However, in the past couple of years, I’ve grown fonder of more intricate, progressive, odd sounds, even if acoustic. As I am somewhat of a compulsive music consumer, in my search for new sounds, I came across this little (as it only has 8 minutes :P) pretty song, with a lot of feeling, a great mix of acoustic and clean electric guitars, and an amazing use of the almighty mellotron (google it). I was compelled to get the album, which I did. A few months ago, I discovered that an acoustic version of the band would be coming to a festival to which I had already decided to go, and so my quest for more songs by this very underrated group started.

A song that has grown on me is the epic Ghosts, and its acoustic version is a very beautiful song as the following video shows 🙂

I must warn you that Dave Cousins’ voice is very peculiar, usually allowing only love or hate, no grey areas. I myself think it fits their music very nicely, but I leave it to your appreciation..

An interesting curiosity about the Strawbs is that the keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman, of Yes fame, was part of this band for a couple of years before the albums that provided the folk anthems I’m presenting here.

Finally, the song that started my run of 272 plays (according to of Strawbs’ songs is Autumn. I was about to post here another acoustic version, but I think that it doesn’t do justice to the whole atmosphere that the studio version creates, so here it is:

PS: Again, I left a cultural reference in the title of this post, does anybody recognize it?

5 comments on “That’s all folk(s)

  1. pedroganco says:

    Never heard of them before but I’m willing to fill in that gap.
    Great song, and another great post! 😉
    Keep ’em coming and by the way, I believe I’ve been “heavier” than you, lately. You’re getting softer with time.. tss tss =P

    • Lourenço says:

      Says the man whose Top3 songs are by Jorge Dexler, Isaac Shepard and Alexandra Stan 😛
      The Strawbs are very good, the albums Hero and the Heroine and Ghosts are really worth checking. And best of all, I’m seeing them live in two weeks 😀

  2. […] they had a great asset – John Fogerty’s voice! His voice is truly unique (maybe, as Lourenço said previously, it is one that you either love or hate, I do not know) and quite emotive. That’s undoubtedly […]

  3. […] need not introduce this guys again, as I already did here.Their show was awesome! Dave Cousins guided us through their 40 years history like a story-teller, […]

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