Good Riddance

About 6 or 7 years ago, my friend Pedro (a fellow from this blog) taught me how to play the guitar. He himself had started learning a couple of months ago and convinced me to join him in this lifetime trip. It didn’t take that much to convince me.

Until then, I was a “passive listener”, that is, I passively listened mostly to what the radios had to offer. Once I started playing guitar, I actively started discovering new songs and artists, many of them eventually turning into my repertoire.

One of the bands I first discovered by that time was Green Day, an American Punk Rock band you most probably know, that by the time was one of Pedro’s favourite bands. He used to play some of his songs – “Holiday” and “Basket Case”, mostly -, which I started doing as soon as I could. Good Riddance was their first song that I played, and I listened to it and played it  uninterruptedly!

I do not usually listen to it nowadays, but Good Riddance (or Time of Your Life, as it is usually called) is still one of my favourite songs and I can’t help to recall the great times I spent playing it with Pedro (and sometimes with David on the violin), either at our houses or at school, contributing to some friends’ delight and to others’ headaches.

Hope this brings you good memories, too!


3 comments on “Good Riddance

  1. pedroganco says:

    We certainly had the time of our lives back then in high school! We got to schedule a jam session for the weekend and play this one once again =D

  2. nuninho89 says:

    Can’t help to play All by myself, it’s their greatest hit!

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