Unusual Symphony Work

Well, what I’m about to post here isn’t related to Beethoven, Mozart ou Mahler (great composers indeed).

Sting (ex-Police member), with an interesting background in the music business, tried something new in 2010. Why not to pick some old songs, refresh then and give another perspective, another colours and tunes?

The result came out as “Symphonicities”, album with his most celebrated songs featuring the Royal Philarmonic Concert Orchestra.

The arrangements you’ll hear are quite meticulously chosen for each type of work. In some you’ll be captivated for some solo players or orchestra themes. As example:

– Clarinet Solo – English Man in New York, or

– Cello Solo – Roxanne.

Continue to visit the blog, enjoy it!


2 comments on “Unusual Symphony Work

  1. Lourenço says:

    Very nice post, David! You should also check the last two Peter Gabriel’s albums: Scratch My Back and New Blood. In the former, he makes orchestral cover versions of artists he admires (Bowie, Arcade Fire, Neil Young, Lou Reed, etc), and in the latter he performs his own songs with orchestra and piano.

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