A new girl in town!

I bet you’ve already heard about Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, now you should be thinking “Elizabeth Woolridge? I don’t know who she is…” I bet you know, but you should know her as Lana del Rey. I found this music about five minutes ago and i’m not big fan of her, but this music has something special.

As I’ve said i’m not a big fan of her but I would like to bring up to you some curious facts.

Did you know that the name Lana del Rey was a mix between the name of the actress Lana Turner and the car Ford del Rey?

Official Video

Live performance

Sorry for the bad quality.

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One comment on “A new girl in town!

  1. pedroganco says:

    I didn’t know Lana Del Rey until recently. I’m not really into her kind of music but I reckon she has some great songs so I’m not sure whether I like her or not. She’s going to my “to listen” list

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