Once upon a time, a great riff was born


Today I’m going to speak about one of my favourite old-school bands, Deep Purple! Most of you probably know them for Smoke on the Waters (yes, the track on the header of our blog :D) and its amazing yet simple riff. Who hasn’t heard the “tan-tan-tan, tan-tan-tan-tan”? However, there is much more to them, with a big lot of amazing musicians having played there.

I was fortunate enough to have seen them live two years ago, and what a memorable night it was! Even in their 60’s, the band was very tight, and played all (well, almost) of their classics. It is interesting to be there, along with a lot of people in their 20’s, enjoying awesome music with people in their 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s. I remember seeing an old man, who could be my grandpa, dancing like he was on lsd 😛

The band connects very well with its audience, with the then-keyboardist playing some Portuguese tunes in his classic solo (Cheira bem, cheira a Lisboa was whistled and sung by everyone there). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find satisfactory videos, so I’m posting an awesome version of Perfect Strangers, with an amazing intro by Mr. Jon Lord, the Hammond organ wizard. Check it out:

Finally, not to defraud the audience of this blog, here’s a very good version of Smoke on the Waters by Rainbow, a band that Ritchie Blackmore, one of DP’s founders and the man with the axe, created in the 70’s after leaving Deep Purple. In this version, Ritchie displays all his virtuosity, with a great intro to the song. Worth listening, really.

I’ll probably return to Rainbow later, so I won’t spoil the fun now. by introducing you all to them 😛

4 comments on “Once upon a time, a great riff was born

  1. i’ve known DP for ages because of their smoke on the water. curiously (or not) i was introduced to their other musics by u. now that u remind me of them u force me to add them to my library!
    great post

    • Lourenço says:

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂
      And you made the right decision, they have so many good songs that is totally worth sparing some gigabytes for their songs 😀
      Oh, and Rainbow is a very nice addition too, but I’ll speak of them later 😛

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