Nine (2009)



The film nine is another great musical! The story is about a film director called Guido Contini (performed by Daniel Day-Lewis – two-times Oscar winner for best actor) that has dramatic relationships with his wife (performed by Marion Cotillard), his mistress (performed by Penélope Cruz), his costume designer and confidant (performed by Judi Dench), his mother (performed by Sophia Loren) and a prostitute (performed by Stacy Ferguson (Fergie) – “Black eyed peas”) and other beautiful female characters. This musical is all about women!

Guido is a talented filmmaker who has some difficulties in writing is new film. He tries to get some inspiration with the women that are in his life but he fails. He destroys not only his professional life but also his relationships. But at the end he recovers…

One of the scenes that I most like in this movie is performed by Stacy Ferguson with the song “Be Italian”.

                                                                                 Stay tuned. Bye bye.


2 comments on “Nine (2009)

  1. Lourenço says:

    Very nice post, Miguel! Besides being, well, hot, Fergie does a very good job in this pretty good song.

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