Yes, it can!

For those who thought so, I must advise you that I am not going to post anything related to Obama singing “Sweet Home Chicago“. The title is an allusion to Miguel’s first post, in which he stated that there can’t be anything more romantic than Elton John’s “Your Song”. I must disagree! Not that I don’t like Elton John’s “Your Song”, I actually do! But Sir John Denver deserves due recognition!

I guess most of you know him, or at least you know his signature song –  “Country Roads, Take me Home”.

John – whose real name is Henry Deutschendorf – was a country, folk and pop singer, with a great passion for Colorado – hence the “Denver” (capital of Colorado) in his artistic name. He was a quite talented musician and he played guitar, piano and violin. Despite having great commercial success in the 70’s – 4 number 1 songs and 3 number 1 albums in the 74/75 period, in U.S. charts -, his career declined constantly ever since and he was gradually forgotten.

In 1974, at the height of his career, he released a song he had composed inspired by his wife, Annie. The song was number one in the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for two weeks.

I leave you one of the most beautiful and most romantic songs I have ever listened to – “Annie’s song”.

PS – I dedicate this post to my dear girlfriend 🙂

PPS – and a little bit to João, who passionately sang this with me in a car travel in the way to Marinha Grande.


One comment on “Yes, it can!

  1. pedroganco says:

    wow.. so many views from Slovenia… I wonder why.
    Catarina, stop refreshing the page!! =P 🙂

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