A new Voice in Jazz raises up

Elisa Rodrigues (portuguese singer) adds something new to the jazz era.

In 1994 she began her musical studies, in Music School of Costa do Sol, as choir member from the Little Choir of Estoril. Meanwhile she started in 1996 to have guitar lessons.

With only 15 years she developed her feeling for the jazz language, after participating in a workshop of the specialty.

In 2011, Elisa releases her first album, “Heart Mouth Dialogues”, with Júlio Resende on the piano, Cícero Lee in double bass and Joel Silva and Bruno Pedroso in the drums.

In this she remakes big titles into her own way and reinvents songs with versatility. A compilation that changes from jazz themes like Cry me a River, to some modern moments like Roxanne or the wonderful God Only Knows.

Here’s some:

Till Next


2 comments on “A new Voice in Jazz raises up

  1. Lourenço says:

    Great post David. She has indeed a very nice voice, and the arrangements are amazing. I loved the piano in the first song 🙂

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