Neil Young – Heart of Gold cover

Hello everyone!

Like I promised, here’s another private youtube link.
A few years ago I was stuck into this great Neil Young’s song so I tried to make a cover with my harmonica. Although It may sound awful believe me when I say that’s the best I can do =P

Here’s my cover (your ears ^^)

For the real deal follow the link -> (you can skip the 2 minutes he spends trying to find the right harmonica)

10 comments on “Neil Young – Heart of Gold cover

  1. nuninho89 says:

    I knew the recording already, so this was not a surprise for me. What still surprises me is your complete lack of notion! “a few years ago”? Not a complete year yet, let alone several…

    • pedroganco says:

      Dude, I’m only mentioning that I was stuck into Neil Young’s music a few years ago, not the date of the record =P
      (ok, you got me, I thought it was older, but it was record in march2011)

  2. ikemendes says:

    You are talented =)

  3. ikemendes says:

    And here you were not forcing your throat and over-singing and it sounded much better ^_^

  4. nuninho89 says:

    “(you can skip the 2 minutes he spends trying to find the right harmonica)”

    LOL just saw this now. The 2 minutes in which he tries to find the harmonica are great, don’t skip it! 😛

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