Music for a tough day…

You know those never ending days?
You keep on running from place to place, rushing for the next train, overwhelmed by a list of tasks you ought to complete till yesterday.

That’s when you have to STOP!

And when that day arrives may I suggest you go out for a walk or just lay down in your favorite chair with this music playing on loop.

It’ll ease your heart and put things back in perspective.
Have a nice weekend everyone 😉


7 comments on “Music for a tough day…

  1. Pedro Diogo says:

    Great song, just what I needed today, thanks! Where did you find it?

    (First comment here in the blog, wut!)

  2. Filipa says:

    Thanks! I needed that! 🙂

  3. nuninho89 says:

    Really nice one! But after the last post, I think you did no more than your obligation.

  4. Perfeito 🙂 adorei Pedro! *

    • pedroganco says:

      Olá olá! Seja bem-vinda ao melhor blog do mundo! =D
      Esta é a minha música de eleição quando estou em morte cerebral. Obrigado pelo comentário =)

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