Payphone – Maroon5


I’m here to post a song that recently came to me, through facebook accounts. I belong to a musician group related with alternative music, and the vocal lady, Joana Lopes, did a  wonderful cover on this. I’ll post the original and the acoustic version. The thing I liked the most on her version was the feeling she brings to the song and how far she can do it with a personal style. Listen and check for yourself.

5 comments on “Payphone – Maroon5

  1. pedroganco says:

    Wait a second… “I belong to a musician group..” ? how come I’ve never heard of it??
    Loved her voice! =)

  2. […] Pedro’s last few posts containing covers by himself or his friends (and also David’s), I decided to show him what real covers are like. No, I’m not making them myself, maybe […]

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