How to easily become famous!


It’s not so difficult as you may think, but a little bit of talent in the musical world can be very useful if it’s recognized.

I’m here to present an artist that through Internet made part of the Assassin’s Creed soundtrack (some pretty music for a video game).

Like youtube says:

“In September 2011, Madeline Bell, an 18 year old health science student from California, sang a beautiful voice performance into her laptop in her dorm room and submitted it toUJAMs international voice casting for Ubisofts Assassin’s Creed Theme. During the two weeks of the contest, she was voted into the Top 20 by the public, and a jury consisting of Hans Zimmer (well-known composer for movie soundtracks like Gladiator, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.), Lorne Balfe and Simon Landry (Ubisoft) chose her as the winner. Three weeks after her performance, this video was shot, showing Madeline blowing everyone away at Hans Zimmers Remote Control Productions studios.”

6 comments on “How to easily become famous!

  1. Isaac says:

    Oh wow, I did not know this! I love the soundtracks and her voice is indeed so beautiful! No wonder everybody was blown away!

  2. TCO says:

    Related to this subject let me introduce you to the DWFO ( Doctor Who Fan Orchestra ) which is a cool project that allows fans from all over the world to record their performance on a previously announced soundtrack theme (no matter what instrument) then submit it over the internet and in the end a really patient guy assembles the whole thing and here is the result!:

  3. Gonçalo says:

    Amazing voice. Sometimes when i’m playing Assassin’s Creed this type of music make me feel sleepy and it’s one of the reasons that i stop playing it but bring the game out of it this music sounds beautiful.

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