Rodney Carrington – Show Them To Me

Today I’m bringing a new song to the “Funny” category of this blog.

I do appreciate the beauty of a summer sunset, the smile of a child, a baby’s laugh and the sound of the rain, but c’mon, there are few things in this world as beauty and inspiring as women!

Many song-writers found in them the inspiration to compose some of the greatest songs we know. I’ve written a couple of songs myself when in love. Hum… I think I’ll write a comprehensive post about it later on. Women, inspiration, muses, goddesses and stuff.
Such topic requires time that I don’t seem to have (finals are coming!), so for now I’ll just share with you one of the funniest songs ever written about boobs from Rodney Carrington! 😀


11 comments on “Rodney Carrington – Show Them To Me

  1. TCO says:

    Admit it, Pedro Ganço! You just posted it because there was boobs, not because it was funny!! 😛 You sly fox!

  2. Raiano says:

    This guy has great songs, specially if you need a good laugh! Too bad some of the best can’t be found on Youtube, at least not the proper versions. Nevertheless

  3. Filipa says:

    You made me laugh! 😀

  4. Filipa says:

    Later today, when shuffling on my Grooveshark’s playlist I came across this song that always makes me think of you, Pedro!
    Porque será? 😉

  5. […] Rodney Carrington – Show Them To Me ( […]

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