Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

Pufff… finally! Class days are over. Now it’s time to set my mind on finals.

I usually start my exams studying period listening to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now song, so here it goes!

Clock starts tickin’.
It’s time to grab those books,
praise The Lord,
maybe put an extra candle… just for caution :p
and everything will turn out for the best
so we can enjoy Summer holidays 😀

All the luck for those struggling with the books 🙂
Go go go!!!

Next time I’m sharing with you my studying playlist. So keep coming 😉


4 comments on “Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

  1. Lourenço says:

    Queen was being sorely missed here, thanks for posting 😀

  2. Filipa says:

    Go go go, Pedro!!! Good luck! 😉

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