Song for the ladies!

Hi everyone!

After a long time not posting anything, I’m back! For now at least. School’s really been a pain in the neck lately…

Unlike my colleagues, I don’t appreciate most of the music types that they post (although they make awesome posts, be sure to check them ALL out!), I’m a much more contemporary guy! I’m the one who brings all of you the songs from yesterday, today and the songs that are yet to be composed! Yes, I’m that awesome…

Today I bring you a song from Kris Allen (Kristopher Neil Allen), winner of American Idol’s eighth season. It’s from his newly released album “Thank You Camellia”. I really enjoyed it and been listening non-stop for the past few days.

Hope you like!

Until next time, stay nice!


2 comments on “Song for the ladies!

  1. pedroganco says:

    “Yes, I’m that awesome…” xD
    You really are, Pita! You actually made me laugh =D It’s good to have you back

  2. ikemendes says:

    Your posts have a gay seal of approval given by me! =D Keep on rocking this blog!

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