Aussies got rhythm!

Sleepy KoalaAs promised in my last post, we continue our journey through the world. This time, we’re visiting the great country of the joyful kangaroos and fluffy koalas. However, I’m going to show you that, unlike the cute koala on the left, Aussies do got rhythm!

In this post I’ll write about the great rock & roll band, led by the skinny-legged eternal schoolboy Angus Young, the lead guitarist for AC/DC – who deliver the purest form of electricity – music!

You’ll be thunderstruck when you hear the next video…

Amazing, huh? Seeing all that people jumping  to 60-year-old rockers is not something you see everyday, even in the great city of Buenos Aires!

And what about this next song (probably my favorite, after thunderstruck)?

These guys really have rhythm, don’t you agree? They also have very sexual lyrics, but I’ll leave that to another time… 😛

Hope you liked it! 😀

One comment on “Aussies got rhythm!

  1. […] I’d taken you there a few weeks ago to teach you how to write a pop song(I hope you’ve learned something with my post and that by now you’re charting, at least in your home country ) and Lourenço did the same with the AC/DC […]

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