Pearl Jam – Last Kiss

Just because today I felt like playing this one on my guitar…

10 comments on “Pearl Jam – Last Kiss

  1. Patrícia says:

    Not their best although with the success even they didn’t believe. But still brings memories 🙂

    • pedroganco says:

      Obrigado pelo comentário Patrícia! =)
      Conheço muito pouco de Pearl Jam, confesso, mas hoje o fim de dia estava a chamar por essa. Agora fiquei com vontade de ouvir outras deles. Vi no blogdamaionese que gostas de Pearl Jam… Sugestões por onde começar?

  2. Adoro esta Ganço 😀

  3. Nuno says:

    You bastard! I had been intending to make a post for a while, but that’s ok, I’ll fit it in another one 😛

  4. Filipa says:

    I’ve got mixed feelings about this one, even though I like PJ… But the lyrics are kind’a powerful, if your in the lame/sad mood…

    • pedroganco says:

      This song is a bit weird.. I fond the melody to be happy though the lyrics are really sad. But It fits perfectly my late tired afternoons.
      Long time no see… I just feel like running with you and ike in Belém…

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