Stereomood: Jazzy

So there I was at work, sharing the room with nearly a hundred colleagues, when I visited my favorite random music website:

You just have to pick your mood and enjoy. I was feeling kind of jazzy yesterday when, after 11 jazz songs, I got stuck with this simple melody

La Lune Est Morte

For a moment there, time froze still and it was nothing but me and the bass solo.


Just kept loopin’ it the whole afternoon.

How you feelin’ today? =)

2 comments on “Stereomood: Jazzy

  1. Filipa says:

    After you’ve shared it with me yesterday, I must have listened to it nearly 20 times. It bows my mind every time I listen again.

    • pedroganco says:

      =) I’m really glad you liked it
      it’s so relaxing and contemplative I thought I had to share it with you. Meanwhile I’ve been listening to some of their work and it’s waaay to alternative/experimental for me

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