Revivalism, variations and humans

Retro foreverHumans tend to reinvent themselves. History has a strange tendency to repeat itself too. Put it all together and you get the retro/revivalist/whatever movement of the past decade, where cars like the BMW Mini, the Volkswagen New Beetle or the Chrysler PT Cruiser where recreated (and somewhat successful), bands like Wolfmother, Astra, etc have been born, and many other manifestations of the love for the antique (not old) have been present. I myself, as 60’s/70’s/80’s music lover, don’t have any problem with revivalism, especially when it brings something new to the game. The band that I’m to speak about today has done precisely that – they took 30 years old unpublished songs and refurbished them onto something very enjoyable.

I’m speaking about the short-lived Portuguese  project Humanos (humans in portuguese), who joined together the male fado-singer (remember fado?) Camané, the pop-rock vocalist Manuela Azevedo from the band Clã and the very well know pop-rock singer-songwriter David Fonseca, along with a couple of musicians to complete the band. Their job was to use demo tapes from the late António Variações (variations in portuguese), one of the men that helped the well-built pop genre rise in the Portugal of the 80’s, and that died too soon. Check the geniality of the man in what is probably his best known song, O Corpo é que paga (the body pays it all) or the not-so-known-but-equaly-good Erva Daninha Alastrar.

In 2004, Humanos recorder a full album with previously unreleased songs from Variações, and it was an instant hit. In 2005 they played in one of the most famous concert houses in Portugal, the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon – concert that they recorded for posterity. I absolutely love that show, also because they also made versions of hit songs that Variações had released in his time, like the referred O Corpo é que paga (this time Humanos’ version).

But enough talking. I leave you with two of the songs I like the most from this show, Estou Além and Quero é Viver, hope you like them too!


2 comments on “Revivalism, variations and humans

  1. Nuno says:

    Nice song the second one! I was never fond of “Estou além”, and the amount of times I had to listen to it on the radio was more than enough!!

    • Lourenço says:

      Actually, what led me to rediscover them was precisely listening to their version of Estou além on the radio in Macau 😛

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