If you grew up in the 90’s…

There are a million ways to end this sentence, but the one I’m thinking of is “you love boys bands!”

90's kids

This might not apply to everyone, but it applies to most people – like me and some of my blog fellows (I won’t say names to avoid ruining your already quite low reputations) -, especially girls!

In my case, Blue is undoubtedly my all-time favourite boys band (Paulo’s post with four of us singing Best in Me is just a taste of how much I like Blue) and I might share some of their songs later in here. Besides Blue, I did not listen to boys bands that much – some Portuguese ones, like Excesso or D’Arrasar, and Backstreet Boys, of course!

But there’s another boys band that I really like – Westlife. They have quite beautiful ballads, some original ones and some really nice covers. I’ll leave you each one of them, both quite beautiful songs 🙂

4 comments on “If you grew up in the 90’s…

  1. TCO says:

    So glad I only listened to BackStreetBoys and his (pardon me) horrible cliché and laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame songs till I was 12 xD In the following year I broke up with pop music and slipped into something more like… music with lyrics that actual meant something and were interesting storytelling (but that’s me, I pay way to much attention to lyrics). I still have some guilty pleasures in pop music nowadays but even so few connections to those times where boys bands and girls bands were top notch that I can hardly remember what the fuss was all about… getting old maybe…

  2. TCO says:

    * BackStreetBoys and their

  3. Nuno says:

    The Beatles are considered one of the best bands ever and most of their songs have lame lyrics! But of course, boys bands are the kings of poor lyrics (and unsophisticated melodies, too). But I still like some of them 😛

  4. […] post after an extremely manly post like the last one? I had no other choice… I bring you back again the deceased Westlife, with an extremely beautiful song that I just discovered this week. Have a […]

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