Gems lost in time

Español: The Beach Boys en el Ed Sullivan Show...

Mankind has been very prolific in the past 50 year, and music isn’t the exception. The amount of different styles and genres that the advent of electric instruments spawned is overwhelming. However, given the expansion of the art in the 60’s and 70’s, many great works were lost and forgotten. In my quest for new (actually old) music, I’ve discovered a lot of obscure musical gems that most people don’t know about. What I’m about to show you today is not really obscure, as the main artist was involved with a major band of the 60’s – The Beach Boys which you may know from the hey-day of surf-rock with songs like I Get Around, Good Vibrations or Wouldn’t It Be Nice.  I bring to you Dennis Wilson, one of the brothers that founded and played as drummer for The Beach Boys. Dennis was a multi-instrumentalist (remember what that is?) that played keyboards, guitar, drums and harmonica, and he released a critically acclaimed album in 1977, Pacific  Ocean Blue, that is pretty far away from the surf-rock of his band. I recently found this album, and was amazed by some of the songs that he composed. Check them out!

This was his only album, as he drowned himself 6 years later while being drunk.
Hope you liked these songs as much as I did, and sorry for the low frequency of posting in our blog, work has been a bit time-consuming (except for Nuno, he always manages to post :P)!

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