Goodbye Blue Sky


After Nuno‘s last post in this blog, and in the aftermath of the last few months of low posting frequency and lack of will to post, I am too putting away my blogging pen for the time being. This 7-friend project was really fun while it lasted, but now that we as a group lost the time to post because of our jobs, studies, and our lives in general, the fun is mostly gone. Maybe we’ll be back in the future, maybe not. For now, the almost 5500 views we’ve had from more than 80 countries and the 175 posts we’ve made sharing our views on music leave us with a sense of a job well done 🙂

In my last post I’ll show you an nice cover of an amazing Pink Floyd song by a 12-year-old Korean boy with a great talent. Goodbye Blue Sky!


2 comments on “Goodbye Blue Sky

  1. Nuno says:

    It’s not a 12 years old Korean, it’s Sungha Jung (who, by the way, is already sixteen)!

    Sad to see you leaving, but I think the same – you did a good job and music was well represented 😉

    • Lourenço says:

      The video is from 2008, so he was 12 when he published the video, and he is from South Korea, so yes, the cover is by a 12 years old Korean boy 😛

      Yeap, you kept the boat afloat almost alone in the past months, so the blog was pretty much dead anyway….

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