Songs to sing in the shower

ImageHi! Remember me? I’m back from camping and I bring you some old and funny songs to sing in the shower. In this post i will bring up to you some songs that fit perfectly with the moment when we’re showering with other strangers as happens in camping. If you’re thinking of travelling to portugal and stay at a camping place you need to learn these musics. I can guarantee some laughs and that your showering moments will never be the same.

First hit (Caution: this one can bring applauses)

Second hit

Third hit

(This last one was a suggestion made by a friend, thank you DG)

A father’s influence…

First of all I must say that I’ve started to listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers because of my father. He’s a rock guy but he’s not a really big fan of them, he likes some of their songs but he doesn’t like them as much as I do.

The first contact with Red Hot Chili Peppers songs was when I was a little kid and my father was the second main responsable of weekends household’s chores (now I am taking his place).To help him doing that boring (at least for me) tasks he used to listen on our stereo system to some songs that he liked and one of the cds that he used to listen was the “Californication” [1]. That was my first contact with Red Hot Chili Peppers, which later I would see lost. But one day, after some years and after I’ve forgotten them, he brought home their cd, which contained they “very best”, and I fell in love again. Since then they’re part of the soundtrack of my life.

I recommend you listen to them.
Here’s my favorite top three songs:

Hope you like it!

A new girl in town!

I bet you’ve already heard about Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, now you should be thinking “Elizabeth Woolridge? I don’t know who she is…” I bet you know, but you should know her as Lana del Rey. I found this music about five minutes ago and i’m not big fan of her, but this music has something special.

As I’ve said i’m not a big fan of her but I would like to bring up to you some curious facts.

Did you know that the name Lana del Rey was a mix between the name of the actress Lana Turner and the car Ford del Rey?

Official Video

Live performance

Sorry for the bad quality.

Trying to keep up with Paulo and Miguel


It’s been a while since my last post but I hope you still remember my great music taste.

I’d like to post this music made by Marshall Mathers a.k.a. Eminem. As a coherent person I am, I’d like to say that this music belongs to my childhood. Yes, again!

I don’t have a story for this one as my friends have done with their posts. Sorry guys but I’m not sure even if Eminem has a story for this…

I recognize that this music can be sometimes aggressive and inappropriate, I must apologize to our followers, but I hope you understand I’m not a “glee” guy. Sorry.

Nuno & Pedro I know that this was a great hit in your childhood too.