Shadow Days

Hi there!

It’s been quite a while (again) since I posted something. I was busy with school and proud to announce that this here… That this here… Is a bunch of burglars… A bunch of thieves… And a bunch of… ughh… Never mind, portuguese viewers who like Gato Fedorento will understand. But I’d really like to announce something, I’m proud to announce that today I concluded all my university courses! Just need to finish my final year project and I’m an engineer! Sort of…

This last one pretty much sums up my life as a computer engineer and probably future programmer.


Today I bring you another John Mayer song. I’ve caught it up on the radio a couple of times and got hooked right on the first time! (I’m sounding much like a 16-year-old trying off marijuana or some s*** like that, but my drug is much better!).

My understanding of this song is that we shouldn’t judge people who have a rough life and that everyone deserves a second chance in to make it better. One day we might just find ourselves in a bitter situation for some reason (sometimes just sheer bad luck) and wish that someone else could give us a second chance. The song’s name you can see it in the post title and I think it’s amazingly beautiful…! The song, not the title, the title is just adequate. I’ve listened to it half a dozen times now and counting. It’s on repeat. On YouTube. For about twenty minutes now. And I’ll let you know how long this repeat thing lasted. Or probably not, I’ll forget about it for sure… Eh.

The lyrics aren’t very long, but in my mind it spells something truly powerful.

I hope you like it! And sorry for the silly post!

Stay nice!