Sorry for any inconvenience – part II

Amélie PoulainYou were tired of normal songs, with sometimes good lyrics and even good music? So this is the right post for you!
I think once in a while our readers (listeners) should have the privelege of hearing an extremely ordinary song, but cheerful at the same time. I have brought Bloodhound Gang and Afroman to the blog, and this time I’m going show you a new venture of Pitbull and Akon, which I must admit is a catchy song.

Disclaimer: the song below is not very decorous, so I advise you not listen to it if you are not a great fan of listening to obscenities. Otherwise, listen to it as much as you want!

What is love?

Well, I was listening to the Haddaway song whose title somehow resembles the title of this post (pure coincidence, of course!) and I realized that we haven’t had Eurodance for a while, despite having been one of the starting genres.

Although not a great fan of dancing music, I somehow like Eurodance, probably due to childhood memories (this means that I have ideas for future Eurodance posts ;)).

Enough talking, it’s time to dance (or at least to shake your had and your feet, that you can’t avoid!):

If you really feel like dancing, I suggest listening to this 10 hour version 😀