Back to the roots

Hi there!

After our little trip to Tunisia with a stop in Armenia, we’re back to Portugal, and back to one of the roots of rock: blues rock! We couldn’t speak about Portuguese rock without mentioning the great Rui Veloso, the so-called father of Portuguese Rock. And I’ll show you why: here’s a video of one of the greatest bluesy rock songs ever made in Portugal, recorded in the concert celebrating the 25 years of Rui’s career.

Great rocker, isn’t it? And unfortunately it is not as well known as it should here. But Rui’s talent is recognized abroad too: when B.B. King, yes the great guitarist, came to play here in the late 80’s, guess who he invited on stage?

Yes, Rui Veloso!

If you’re more into ballads, and soft rock, he’s also the man for you: check the great song from the 1999 movie Jaime, Não me mintas.

Next time, we’ll continue our journey through the non-english-speaking world, perhaps towards the northern Europe, perhaps to our neighbour Spain. Who knows, just wait and see 😀