Just another great song

I promised a friend I would post some songs recommended by her, but that would require a proper post. As I’m not really in the mood of writing, I’ll just share with you a song that has been growing on me in the past weeks: Got to give it up by Thin Lizzy!

I really love this song! Too bad that Phil Lynott didn’t give it up, he died a few years after this performance having been a drug and alcohol addict.

I promise that next post will be more elaborate 😉

Believe in love!

ScorpionsNice title, don’t you think? Not an original idea, though. I stole it from the Scorpions‘ song that I’m going to post here today (sorry for spoiling :P).

Don’t know if I told you so before, but I am a huge Scorpions fan. Many of their songs are among my all-time favourites, I’ve seen them live twice (too bad I was young enough and a pop-listener when they recorded their Acoustica in Portugal). And although I do not know all their discography, I find myself constantly finding new amazing songs among their albums.

The last one was “Believe in Love“, a typical simple Scorpions song that I find quite powerful and soulful. Hope you like it too and that you keep believing in love, because it’s usually worth it 🙂 Have a nice weekend! 😉

Jack of all trades

One Man Band

Hey guys and girls!

The theme for today’s post is multi-instrumentalists, ie, musicians that play more than one instrument. Furthermore, I bring to you other-worldly musicians that released albums where they played all the instruments present!

The first name that comes to mind is that of Mike Oldfield, who recorder the monumental album Tubular Bells in 1973, which apart from being his debut, was also the first album Virgin Records released.

This amazing album is composed of two ~25 minute parts that compose a unique song-album, and Mike plays all the instruments (with some help from a few session musicians and a choir), and the list is quite extensive:

Grand Piano, Glockenspiel, Farfisa organ, Bass guitar, Electric guitar, Speed guitar, Taped motor drive amplifier organ chord, Mandolin-like guitar, Fuzz guitars, Assorted percussion, Acoustic guitar, Flageolet, Honky tonk, Lowrey organ, Tubular Bells, Farfisa organ, Speed electric guitars, Concert timpani, Guitars sounding like bagpipes, Piltdown man, Hammond organ, Spanish guitar and Moribund chorus

The album sold more than 16 million copies, which is an astonishing accomplishment, if we note that the album is considered progressive, is instrumental and composed by two very long songs. Of course that the usage of the intro in the soundtrack of the movie The Exorcist helped, but even so… Mike’s popularity is such that even in this year’s Olympics opening ceremony he was called to accompany one of the segments of the show. But, enough words, here’s a live rendition of the first segment of the first part of Tubular Bells!

Pretty good, uh? If you want more, check the whole album here. I’ve pointed you to the part where a Master of Ceremonies enumerates a few instruments when they solo. Mike went on to have a very successful career, but Tubular Bells remained to be his magnum opus.

There are many other multi-instrumentalists who played all (or most of) the instruments in their compositions, such as

  • Billy Corgan, from The Smashing Pumpkins, who composed and played all the instruments on the song 1979 (well, he used a drum machine, but the song is still pretty good). The song went on to be their most recognized songs ever!
  • Dave Grohl, from Nirvana and Foo Fighters (mainly), composed and performed all the instruments on the album Foo Fighters, and only recruited musicians to play it live, what gave birth to his present band. Check Big Me, one of the songs in that album.

Of course I could mention thousands of other multi-instrumentalists, like Matthew Bellamy of Muse fame or Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

Hope I opened new ground for you to explore with this post, or, if you already knew these guys, that I reminded you of their awesomeness!