The meaning of life

No philosophy and no Monty Python. I just woke up this morning with Offspring‘s (a debut in the blog, by the way) song in my head and I decided to share with you. Hope it gives you energy for the rest of the day ūüėČ


Teenage Dirtbag

Loser (film)Today I bring you another memory from some years ago that you might remember – Teenage Dirtbag, from Wheatus.

The song was included in the soundtrack of the film Loser, which features both Mena Suvari and Jason Biggs (you probably recognize them from another movie).

Hope you like it ūüėČ


Guitar Hero

Once again, my post has a dubious title. I am not going to write about the game, I am going to write about my guitar hero.

More or less from the mid of the last century until today, there has been a proliferation in the use of the guitar (both the old classical or the then recently develop “electric” one), increasing its prominence in the music industry. Or it might have been the other way round – the prominence of the guitar among musicians led to more people playing guitar.

This means that guitar players are usually the most recognized players of rock bands, sometimes even more than the lead singers!

Red Hot Chili PeppersI guess I can say John Frusciante is one of those guitar players. And with legitimacy – Red Hot Chili Peppers have existed and exist again without John, but they are totally not the same. All but one (the first) of the albums in which John participated had sales above 10 million, and still that first one, recorded when John was still 18, had sales 4 times bigger than their previous album (still with Slovak).

By this time you have probably understood that I am really a great fan of Frusciante and that he is my idol as a guitar player. So what I am going to say might be biased, but in my opinion he is¬†the best guitar player of his ¬†generation (here BBC readers agree with me) and one of the best since Hendrix¬†(here there’s some people at Rolling Stones agreeing with me¬†and others not so much)!

I will only bring you one song, I leave the others in playlists. It is not easy to choose one – I love lots of Chili Peppers and John songs. But bringing the choice to one, I decided to show you the most melodic solo I have ever heard and which I consider a masterpiece – the final solo of Don’t Forget Me¬†live at Slane Castle:

Now, if you really feel like listening to the Chili Peppers, here’s a playlist containing many of my favourite Chili Peppers songs.

And one more with solo songs of John Frusciante, the man whose this post is about, after all!

At last, I leave you a video of John teaching how to play Under the Bridge and not only, hoping that this helps the ones learning guitar:

Good Riddance

About 6 or 7 years ago, my friend Pedro (a fellow from this blog) taught me how to play the guitar. He himself had started learning a couple of months ago and convinced me to join him in this lifetime trip. It didn’t take that much to convince me.

Until then, I was a “passive listener”, that is, I passively listened mostly to what the radios had to offer. Once I started playing guitar, I actively started discovering new songs and artists, many of them eventually turning into my repertoire.

One of the bands I first discovered by that time was Green Day, an American Punk Rock band you most probably know, that by the time was one of Pedro’s favourite bands. He used to play some of his songs – “Holiday” and “Basket Case”, mostly -, which I started doing as soon as I could. Good Riddance was their first song that I played, and I listened to it and played it ¬†uninterruptedly!

I do not usually listen to it nowadays, but Good Riddance (or Time of Your Life, as it is usually called) is still one of my favourite songs and I can’t help to recall the great times I spent playing it with Pedro (and sometimes with David on the violin), either at our houses or at school, contributing to some friends’ delight and to others’ headaches.

Hope this brings you good memories, too!