Across the Universe (2007)


Let´s explore another great musical.
Across the Universe is a beautiful musical film centered on “The Beatles” songs. “The Beatles” is one of the most famous bands in the world.
This movie is about another love story and it has as background the Vietnam War. The story is about Jude (performed by Jim Sturgess) that goes to New Jersey to find his father whom he has never met (Jude is from Liverpool). After reaching his dad, Jude meets Max (performed by Joe Anderson) and Max´s sister, Lucy (performed by Evan Rachel Wood). Knowing that her boyfriend was killed in Vietnam, Lucy decides to stay with Max and Jude. After they started living together, Lucy fell in love with Jude and when Max is sent to Vietnam she becomes an anti-war activist. The story is then centered on their relationship (Jude and Lucy) and on Vietnam War.

This movie has also other interesting characters such as Sadie (performed by Dana Fuchs), Jojo (performed by Martin Luther McCoy) and Prudence (performed by Teresa Carpio).

This musical film is great to remind beautiful Beatles songs like “Let it be”, “Hey Jude”, “I want to hold your hand”, “While my guitar gently weeps”, “Across the universe”, “Don’t ‘let me down” and other more…

“Hey Jude”, “Let it be” and “While my guitar gently weeps” were the songs that I most liked in this musical.

Stay tuned. Bye bye.