Pull the plug!

As I said in my previous post, I’ll pull the electricity plug and present some acoustic sounds today. Everybody knows a big rock band that has played an acoustic set sometime. Well, I know at least 5 😀

One of the interesting things in the so-called unplugged concerts is the way bands reinvent themselves in order not to lose the touch of the songs that only overdrive/distortion offers.

There are two bands that really transformed their songs while playing acoustic: Metallica and Nirvana

Amazing, huh? The last song is a cover of a David Bowie‘s song. Other acoustic concerts worth mentioning are Scorpions’ Acoustica or Moonspell’s Sombra.

Folk’s passions

I must bring back folk to this blog once more!

A couple of years ago, I found (probably through Bob Dylan) one of the most beautiful voices I have ever known – Joan Baez.

Joan is a folk singer who started her career in 1960, being active until today. Despite the modest success of her first recording, her next 3 recordings went gold, which lead Joan to become a widely known star with great success in the 60’s  – maybe reaching a peak in her career with the participation in the Woodstock Festival.

She recorded many popular songs, as well as covers from other musicians – Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, as well as many others -, many of them with political lyrics.

Diamonds and Rust Dylan and Baez romanceHowever, and this of course is just my opinion, her best performance is in a song composed by herself, not related to politics at all! This song, released in 1975, was inspired in a romance that Baez and Dylan – who at the time was more interested in Baez sister – had many years before. Things did not turn out great in their relationship and it didn’ t last long. In musical terms, I am glad this happened, as otherwise we would probably not have the song I bring you today – Diamonds and Rust.

Note: If you don’t like this version, see the links below. Whoever sings it, this song is too great to be missed!

If you were one of the those who cannot really stand Baez voice, listen to Judas Priest or to Blackmore’s Night versions, also quite good ones 😉

Neil Young – Heart of Gold cover

Hello everyone!

Like I promised, here’s another private youtube link.
A few years ago I was stuck into this great Neil Young’s song so I tried to make a cover with my harmonica. Although It may sound awful believe me when I say that’s the best I can do =P

Here’s my cover (your ears ^^)

For the real deal follow the link -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh44QPT1mPE (you can skip the 2 minutes he spends trying to find the right harmonica)

Another musical film?

Hi again,

You must be thinking “Oh no, no more musical films!”:P But you don´t need to worry because I only want to present a band that I like to listen.

Dave Matthews band is a U.S. rock band. I enjoy this type of music and I like Dave Matthews voice. If you have never listened you need to try it!

“Crush” and “Don´t drink the water” are my favourite songs.

Enjoy it!

Stay tuned. Bye bye.