And our journey continues!

Last time I posted I left you in Australia, and Nuno has taken you to the Balkans and we’re going to cross the Atlantic today and land in Canada!

One of the greatest countries in the world, its music is most of the times overshadowed by their american neighbours, but, from time to time, great artists leave the maple leaf country and depart to conquer the world stages.

The current best example of such an artist is the band Arcade Fire. This amazing septet performs music in the indie rock category, but they are much more than that as this video proves 🙂

But, when I think of Canadian music, my thoughts are immediately directed to Rush, the megalithic power trio that conquered the world in the 70’s with their 2112 record, with their out-of-this-world drummer (many times considered one of the best ever), their experimentalist guitarist and their high-pitched singer/bassist, which is also an accomplished keyboardist. But enough adjectives already! Here’s an excerpt of their 20 minute epic 2112:

Their style varied during the 80’s (very little bands didn’t change through the 80’s…) including more keyboards and sampled sounds. Two staple song from that era are Subdivisions and Distant Early Warning.

Of course there are a lot of other amazing canadian bands/artists, like Harmonium, Neil Young , Alanis Morissette, Bryan Adams, etc. But I decided to stop doing the 2-hour-long posts I used to 😛

Oh, I almost forgot, Pedro‘s post with Pearl Jam was our 100th post! Hurray 😀

Roads [Part 4/4]

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…and last but not least, here’s my fourth thankful post.

You know those days when you just want to be in silence? That was me a year ago cutting the noise in the surroundings, only listening to new age/instrumental quiet music, but after a whole year of musical isolation I met this other girl that somehow reactivated the flame for music discovery again and introduced me to a new genre : alternative/indie.

Thanks for Radiohead, Beirut, Arcade Fire, Portishead, The National and so many other great musicians that had become my favorite too.
My lonely walks around Lisbon turned into something amazing with Kid A album playing out loud in my mp3 player. Here’s one of my favorite:

Radiohead – Idioteque

By the way, she’s got her own musical spot that I suggest you all take a look 😉

Et voilà! Thanks to those 4 great friends I’ve discovered the pleasure of music through rock, metal, instrumental and alternative perspectives. I hope now I can also present you some new musics in this blog =)
Next time I’ll share another youtube private link so come again =D

PS: The post title is just a reference to a song from Portishead that I didn’t put here only because she was faster than me and posted it in the Eclectic Stereo Land. Go check it anyway =)

PPS: private joke: self-estimations songs you called them anh? =P