Some people have too much free time

Hey there! No, we’re not dead, as Nuno suggested in his last post. No, we’re just utterly occupied… Half of us are now working, and the rest are either looking for a job or finishing their degrees, so there is not a lot of free time.

As you might have noticed, I am an huge music lover. What you don’t know, is that I also like science, engineering, etc.. My post today joins two fields that interest me: music and robotics.

Take a look at the amazing work that this guy did with a bunch of step motors, solenoids, scanners and printers, and some real instruments.

Neat uh? You’re not that into Marilyn Manson? I’ll leave you then a cover of the most famous Gotye song, Somebody That I Used to Know.

You just have to love the old Scanjet singing Gotye’s lines!

The last but not the least, here‘s a treat for Ganço, as he seems to love to dance to this song, and another to all the Queen fans out there! There’s a lot more where these came from, check them out here.