“Voice (cello)” with Soul

Amalia – The Movie is a Portuguese film directed by Carlos Coelho da Silva, premiered in Portugal 4 December 2008.

The film is a fictionalized biography of the first great fado singer Amalia Rodrigues. This work was a film project of national and international dimension which portrays so novel, a long period of life of the greatest singer of all time and inescapable figure in the history of twentieth-century Portuguese.

The video here, with music by the portuguese composer Nuno Malo, materializes the portuguese guitar in a unique way and shows us that it can be taken as an ally for the whole orchestra. It’s important to highlight the role of the solo instrument cello here.

For me this is one of the most notable pieces in the genre that does justice to the work of singer Amalia.

Bow, Strings and some Skills

Following the few past posts related to covers here’s another one. This time I bring to you two similar covers bands: Apocalyptica and 2Cellos.

Apocalyptica, actually, is composed with three cello players and a drumer, although the first formation was with four cellos only . The band is from Finland, formed in 1993. Their initial purpose was only to make a tribute to the Metallica band, but soon they opened their mind to other artists and genres like classical music, alternative metal, symphonic metal, etc… making other covers or even their own songs.

2Cellos, a very recent band comparing to the previus one,  start their appearance only in 2011 with just two elements playing the instrument. Interestingly, they were able to show  you how can recreate reliable and world-famous original songs, without losing the character behind it. Here I present one of the best known from this group.

Until next.