It’s Christmas!

Dick in a Box Saturday Night Live Justin Timberlake Andy Samberg

Learn how to do it!

(or almost)…

We’re just a couple of days away from Christmas and you still do not have a gift for your girlfriend? In the old days things were probably going to turn out bad for you… But now you don’t have to worry anymore, Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg found the solution for your problem! Quite cheap, fast and easy to prepare, and it’s one of those gifts that can always be used (and fortunately she won’t have any other).

So gentlemen, here’s the gift you’re looking for, as well as the instructions for the preparation. Hope she likes 😉

Here you have the uncensored version

Rodney Carrington – Show Them To Me

Today I’m bringing a new song to the “Funny” category of this blog.

I do appreciate the beauty of a summer sunset, the smile of a child, a baby’s laugh and the sound of the rain, but c’mon, there are few things in this world as beauty and inspiring as women!

Many song-writers found in them the inspiration to compose some of the greatest songs we know. I’ve written a couple of songs myself when in love. Hum… I think I’ll write a comprehensive post about it later on. Women, inspiration, muses, goddesses and stuff.
Such topic requires time that I don’t seem to have (finals are coming!), so for now I’ll just share with you one of the funniest songs ever written about boobs from Rodney Carrington! 😀

How to write a Pop Song?

You might be thinking that it is something you would like to know, but at the same time something that can be very complicated. Well, The Axis of Awesome show us that, in fact, writing a pop song is not a Herculean task. All you have to know is how to play 4 chords – whether it is on a piano, on a guitar, or in some other instrument, it doesn’t matter -, and then you play those 4 chords and you will most probably (not) get a hit.

Well, this is the basic idea behind the song I bring you today: that “every” hit of the past forty years was composed with just 4 chords – E, B, C#m and A, by the way.  This is not true, of course, but there is a kernel of truth in it. The Axis of Awesome show this by playing a medley with a lot of pop songs, mixing them in a very funny way,  in my opinion. You’ll listen to songs you know, songs you did not know you still knew, and songs you have never heard (my second video is with one of those songs you most probably never heard, unless you already knew the 4 chords song).

Hope this amuses you 😉

And now a funny song from Tim Minchin, that besides being a comedy song is also a political one with a strong environmental message.