Astounding Songs, Amazing Covers

With Pedro’s last few posts containing covers by himself or his friends (and also David’s), I decided to show him what real covers are like. No, I’m not making them myself, maybe another time 😛

It is obvious that I’m just messing with him, the covers he posted are very well done, especially considering that they’re home-made. But, when I listen to a cover by a proven artist, I expect to hear something of his own in the version. So, don’t expect to hear here copies note by note, but rather very personal interpretations of some good songs. Some are even better than the originals! But I’ll leave that assessment to you..

I’ll start with a song I thought no one could or would cover, Starless by King Crimson. I came across this version by the Unthanks in Pete Sinfield’s (KC’s old lyricist) facebook page, and I was instantly blown away.
(Covers on the left, originals or most known version on the right) Enjoy 🙂


If any of you wants more information regarding the bands on the left, just leave a comment! Most of them have more amazing covers 🙂

Wrote a song for everyone

Well, today I started my day listening to one of my favourite bands, Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). Creedence is one of those bands I grew up listening to through my dad’s singing (if your parents like rock, I am sure it happened the same to you, either with CCR, with the Beatles, with Rolling Stones, or with many others). If you don’t know CCR, they were a band with a five-year career full of Billboard Top 2 hits (they are the artist with most top two hits without ever having a #1) and other nice rock songs, including “Have You Ever Seen the Rain“, “Proud Mary” (yes, Tina Turner’s version is a cover) and Forrest Gump’s “Fortunate Son“.

Creedence’s songs are not sophisticated – they do not have amazing solos or innovative riffs. But they had a great asset – John Fogerty’s voice! His voice is truly unique (maybe, as Lourenço said previously, it is one that you either love or hate, I do not know) and quite emotive. That’s undoubtedly one of the things that makes me love them so much.

I was listening to some of their older (well, they’re all old, but still there are some older than others!) records and I thought of writing another post of cover versions – Creedence have a couple of really nice covers! But then I went to youtube, started watching their Hall of Fame induction, made by Bruce Springsteen, which included a version of CCR’s  “Who’ll Stop the Rain” performed by John Fogerty and Bruce Springsteen, and I gave up the covers idea (maybe I’ll bring it later to the blog).

I usually divide the songs I listen to into two main categories – loud songs ,usually rock or/and cheerful songs, and quiet songs, usually ballads/rock ballad. I gave up the covers idea today because by listening to “Who’ll Stop the Rain” I just felt like listening to the quite-type songs.

Therefore, and constrained to my mood, this post will have two of my favourite CCR’s songs: “Long as I can see the light”, a song that I consider one of the most beautiful songs ever, and a version of the already mentioned “Who’ll Stop the Rain”, live at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and featuring John Fogerty and Bruce Springsteen. Hope you like it 😉