And now for peanuts!

This is how I’m feeling today!

puntz puntz puntz…

What do you listen to while you’re studying?
Or do you rather keep it quiet?

I used to study with instrumental music like Ludovico Einaudi, acoustic guitar with no vocals (the great Tommy Emmanuel), classics, Enya-like songs and stuff like that, but in the last couple of years I switched to disco/electronic/trance/heavy metal music for this tight schedule exams period.

Yesterday, for instance, I spent the all day listening to Mr. Saxobeat in loop (i mean, literally!)

it makes me move like a freak

My personal recipe for a long day of study: drink two cups of coffee after lunch along with a big piece of cake (sugar, lots of it!). Add a fast beat song to it and feel your veins pumping blood to your brain! (and pretty much every muscle in your body)

Now, can you picture a loony guy dancing frantically? ok, make it double and that would be me on those study intervals =P

listening to LMFAO and screaming out loud “Everyday I’m shufflin’ “

I just can’t help but move it move it