Two Door Cinema Club – Cigarettes In The Theatre

Today I went running to a place I’ve never been before and then, after an hour, I found myself kinda lost ^^
I was far far far away from the place I thought I would reach, so my only choice was to go all the way back.

I was already thirsty and tired and the idea of another running hour ahead was frightening.
That’s when Two Door Cinema Club enters the scene! Time passed by in a blink of an eye with their discography pumping it up!

Every time I listened to this one I couldn’t help but speed up to the beat of the song:

I’m not going any further with this post because I believe a friend of mine would like to make a guest post about music to run.. (:
Next few days I’ll be posting my late discoveries on electronic music so, for those into this genre, make sure to come back đŸ˜‰