What is love?

Well, I was listening to the Haddaway song whose title somehow resembles the title of this post (pure coincidence, of course!) and I realized that we haven’t had Eurodance for a while, despite having been one of the starting genres.

Although not a great fan of dancing music, I somehow like Eurodance, probably due to childhood memories (this means that I have ideas for future Eurodance posts ;)).

Enough talking, it’s time to dance (or at least to shake your had and your feet, that you can’t avoid!):

If you really feel like dancing, I suggest listening to this 10 hour version đŸ˜€

Cartoons! Who you gonna call? Witch Doctor!

Hi there!

Let me start by saying that in every team, there’s that one member who’s always a bit of a clown… In this case that’s me! I’m surely the least expert person about music in our blog, and as such, it’s up to me to bring you some different, yet funny, yet nostalgic, yet stuff, yet somewhat interesting posts. It’s up to me to stir up the waters of our blog! So here I go!

Does anyone remember a funny band that appeared more than a decade ago, named Cartoons? These guys came up in 1998 with crazy hair dues and excentric clothing and for an 8-year-old kid, which was my case, this guys were… AWESOME!!!

The song I bring here today is “Witch Doctor”, a song originally sang by David Seville and The Chipmunks in 1958 (says Wikipedia once again) and written by (all heil Wikipedia!!) Thomas Kerry (this guy must have been really high when he wrote this!).

About 40 years later, the Cartoons thought it would be cool to do an updated version of this song i guess, and so that’s what I bring you today!

Hope you like it!

Thanks for the spark. Now, let’s talk about the real deal!

First of all I’d like to say that the creation of this blog was a very good idea and we all must be grateful to Pedro.

Here’s my contribution to our blog.

This song made part of my childhood, it brings me good memories. I hope you like it guys.