I love concerts! There are bands that really kick it up a notch when playing live, and I just love that!

One of the bands that I like the most live is Queen. In fact, I like everything about them, doesn’t matter if studio or live. For me, they’re the greatest rock band that ever was, is or will ever be. Everybody knows at least a couple of songs, and they’re all amazing.

Freddie for a day - Angry birdsBut my point here today is that they really knew how to rock an audience, even if the original song was a bit poppier. A good example of what I mean is the very good, but poppish, song I Want To Break Free (yes, it’s the one where they dress like women :P). The song itself is not what would be considered real rock and roll, but when they played it at Wembley… My God, the reasonably mainstream song turns into a rock anthem!

Another great example of how to transform a song is Action This Day. This song came out of the most unexpected album that Queen made – they completely turned to dance-pop, funk and whatever, and most of the fans were more than a bit disappointed (the amazing best-selling song Under Pressure did come out of this album, though). However, the live version is pretty good!

Finally, one of my favorite live songs, A Kind of Magic in Wembley 1986!



Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

Pufff… finally! Class days are over. Now it’s time to set my mind on finals.

I usually start my exams studying period listening to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now song, so here it goes!

Clock starts tickin’.
It’s time to grab those books,
praise The Lord,
maybe put an extra candle… just for caution :p
and everything will turn out for the best
so we can enjoy Summer holidays 😀

All the luck for those struggling with the books 🙂
Go go go!!!

Next time I’m sharing with you my studying playlist. So keep coming 😉