Beirut – Elephant Gun

If I was young, I’d flee this town
I’d bury my dreams underground
As did I, we drink to die
We drink tonight

Far from home, elephant gun
Let’s take them down one by one
We’ll lay it down, it’s not been found
It’s not around

Just felt like listening to this one over and over again tonight…

The Temper Trap

Today I bring you another alternative/indie band.

Love lost

(500) Days of Summer

I discovered The Temper Trap in this lovely movie called 500 Days of Summer.

“It’s not a love story, it’s a story about love”, and I suggest all the broken hearts to see it.

Sweet Disposition

Leslie Feist

I’m not usually very fond of female vocalist musics but this Canadian singer-songwriter captivated me with her clean voice and indie/pop songs.

Last few days my mood drove me essentially to heavy metal but in those quiet gaps, Feist has soften my day.  I’ve been enchanted discovering her work this days so I thought I ought to share it with you.

She also sings in French, and there’s something I cant’ explain about French that adds an awesome-sexy factor.