My own summer

Hey guys and girls!’m not going to post the Deftones song called My Own Summer, specially because it has nothing to do with Summer (in my point of view, of course). Nope, I mean to post the type of music I’m compelled to listen to when summer arrives: real rock and roll! During most of the year I drift from heavy to classical, passing through moody, doomy, cheesy, heart-felt, whatever, but when the heat starts to rise, I must rock ‘n’ roll! And, though I’m a bit biased towards British bands, Americans really know how to do simple, catchy rock ‘n’ roll songs!

So, here’s a small list of songs I love to listen to when driving to the beach or anywhere else, for that matter 😛

Ok, the last song is a bit more 80’s than the others, but it is still a great song!

Hope you enjoy this, and here’s the post playlist!


And our journey continues!

Last time I posted I left you in Australia, and Nuno has taken you to the Balkans and we’re going to cross the Atlantic today and land in Canada!

One of the greatest countries in the world, its music is most of the times overshadowed by their american neighbours, but, from time to time, great artists leave the maple leaf country and depart to conquer the world stages.

The current best example of such an artist is the band Arcade Fire. This amazing septet performs music in the indie rock category, but they are much more than that as this video proves 🙂

But, when I think of Canadian music, my thoughts are immediately directed to Rush, the megalithic power trio that conquered the world in the 70’s with their 2112 record, with their out-of-this-world drummer (many times considered one of the best ever), their experimentalist guitarist and their high-pitched singer/bassist, which is also an accomplished keyboardist. But enough adjectives already! Here’s an excerpt of their 20 minute epic 2112:

Their style varied during the 80’s (very little bands didn’t change through the 80’s…) including more keyboards and sampled sounds. Two staple song from that era are Subdivisions and Distant Early Warning.

Of course there are a lot of other amazing canadian bands/artists, like Harmonium, Neil Young , Alanis Morissette, Bryan Adams, etc. But I decided to stop doing the 2-hour-long posts I used to 😛

Oh, I almost forgot, Pedro‘s post with Pearl Jam was our 100th post! Hurray 😀

Aussies got rhythm!

Sleepy KoalaAs promised in my last post, we continue our journey through the world. This time, we’re visiting the great country of the joyful kangaroos and fluffy koalas. However, I’m going to show you that, unlike the cute koala on the left, Aussies do got rhythm!

In this post I’ll write about the great rock & roll band, led by the skinny-legged eternal schoolboy Angus Young, the lead guitarist for AC/DC – who deliver the purest form of electricity – music!

You’ll be thunderstruck when you hear the next video…

Amazing, huh? Seeing all that people jumping  to 60-year-old rockers is not something you see everyday, even in the great city of Buenos Aires!

And what about this next song (probably my favorite, after thunderstruck)?

These guys really have rhythm, don’t you agree? They also have very sexual lyrics, but I’ll leave that to another time… 😛

Hope you liked it! 😀