I’m back!

Lions dance in Saint Paul's Ruins, MacaoThe title of this post has two meanings: I’m back in the blog and I’m back in Macau!

Sorry for being absent for such a long time, but Nuno did a pretty good job keeping the boat afloat. Thanks for that, mate!

In my first time here I met a group of very nice people that made my stay a lot of fun. One of them has become, or so I gather, our first polish blog follower and has since then sent me a handful of musical suggestions that I promised to post here. So here’s a playlist with the nice songs Olga sent me – it ranges from Sweden to Czech Republic. Enjoy!

When thinking about Macau, apart from the obvious chinese music accompanying dancing dragons and lions, one of the first things that comes to my mind in musical terms is the portuguese band Rádio Macau that had a few hits in the 80’s and 90’s, the best know being O Anzol (the fishhook). I’ve come to like two or three of their songs in the past few months, especially O elevador da Glória (Glória’s funicular – national monument) and Bom dia Lisboa (good morning Lisbon). Incidentally, both speak about the portuguese capital and its charms, and returning home after going around the world visiting other places, which obviously appeals to me while staying abroad 🙂 But enough chit chat chatter, here are the songs:

With a little help from our friends: The first!

Hello! This is the first of the new series of posts made by friends of ours. Today, my good friend Valter is posting! Enjoy 🙂

With a little help from our friendsHey folks!

Looks like I was to first one to be invited to write on this blog. At least, I was the first to accept it. The best way to honor such an invitation is to talk about great music.
The variety of music present in this blog is astonishing. Nevertheless, I’ve never seen Portuguese spoken music on it (correct me if I’m wrong), so I’ll dedicate this post to bring you one really interesting Portuguese band.

Their name is Sétima Legião, named after the Roman ‘Seventh Legion’ sent to Lusitania in the first century. They were founded in 1982 and was composed of a total of 8 people: Pedro Oliveira, Rodrigo Leão, Nuno Cruz, Gabriel Gomes, Paulo Marinho, Ricardo Camacho, Paulo Abelho, and Francisco Menezes.

They were a band of pop-rock music, “mixing post-punk influences from bands as Joy Division and Echo & The Bunnymen with more convencional rock music, synthpop and Portuguese folk. The band had a very distinctive sound that made them stand apart from other portuguese bands of its time.”

They were active until 2000, but with a different composition after 1996. Rodrigo Leão left the band to dedicate fully to another project called ‘Madredeus’. During these 18 years they sent out a total of 5 studio albums — “A Um Deus Desconhecido” (1984), “Mar D’Outubro” (1987), “De Um Tempo Ausente” (1989), “O Fogo” (1992) and “Sexto Sentido” (1999) — and 1 live album — “Auto de Fé” (1994).

This year, they decided to come back to stage once again for a tour. I went to see them yesterday and it was incredible. I felt as if I was being transported back to the 80’s. I cannot give you a live performance of last night, as I forgot my camera at home, but I leave you with some performances recorded in this tour along with their studio versions.

“Sete mares”: (Live | Studio)

“Por quem não esqueci”: (Live | Studio)

Well, I really hope you enjoyed the first of this series of posts, if you did, you can find the playlist with all the songs posted (and the ones to come on this category) here.

Btw, we have posted portuguese music here and here, if you’ve overlooked it 🙂