The Wedding Singer

Hi everyone!

Since all of my blog mates are too busy, it must be me who bothers you again. And, to avoid being repetitive, I’ll make the third consecutive post containing a soundtrack song 😛

Wedding Singer Drew Barrymore Adam SandlerToday’s song is from The Wedding Singer, an Adam Sandler (remember him?) movie. It’s not my favourite Sandler movie – I am a huge fan of Adam Sandler, by the way -, but it is a nice one to watch, still. It is somehow similar to 50 First Dates, not because it also features Drew Barrymore, but because it is more a romantic movie than a comedy.

Being so, the song you’ll listen is a love song, and a quite beautiful one (at least I think so),but also a comic one. Enjoy it 😉


Teenage Dirtbag

Loser (film)Today I bring you another memory from some years ago that you might remember – Teenage Dirtbag, from Wheatus.

The song was included in the soundtrack of the film Loser, which features both Mena Suvari and Jason Biggs (you probably recognize them from another movie).

Hope you like it 😉


Global Hero

Dire StraitsWell, I just found out a great song from Mark Knopfler and I think it is so amazing that I cannot keep it just for me.

This song belongs to the soundtrack of a movie called Local Hero (I have never watched it, but I feel like watching just by listening to this song!) – it is just one of the many soundtracks Knopfler’s has composed, both while he was in Dire Straits and now during his solo career.

Hope you like my second (the first was a Dire Straits song) Mark Knopfler-related post 😉