And now, for something completely different…

We’ve had rock, pop, hard rock, the scatman, so the time has come for something completely different: jazz. But not any kind of jazz, latin jazz it is!

Let me introduce you to a Mr. Eumir Deodato, a brasilian keyboard jazzist, who, in the 70’s (oh the seventies…) released two amazing albums. Ok, good latin jazz was not a conspicuous thing in the 70’s (remember Santana, etc..). The remarkable thing is that the first album, Prelude, went all the way up to No.2 in the pop charts in the US, no.3 in Canada and no.7 in the UK. That is pretty remarkable for a jazz album, one must say.
I first came to know this guy through another legend, Mr. Pete Sinfield, King Crimson’s lyricist, who shared his version of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and I was completely blown away.

But I digress. In his famous album, Deodato and his companions made a funky jazzy version of Johann Strauss’ own Also Sprach Zarathrustra, and what a version it is… Strauss himself would be dancing to the sound of this, and I bet that Kubrick (see 2001: a space odyssey and you’ll get what I mean) would accompany him 😛

Oh, and for a different ball game, my reply to the poppish Phil Collins that my good friend Gonçalo shared with you (that is definitely not my cup of tea) is this:

See if you recognize the man behind the drum kit… Oh, and please, do watch the whole 12 minutes, it is so damn worth it…

PS: Another reference in the title, has anybody heard it? 😛