Carry that band a long time!

Abbey RoadBeatles’ fans have probably recognized what this post is about by the title – and you’re not mistaken.

I’ve been mainly listening to Neil Young, but there have been too many Neil songs in this blog recently, so I thought I should give him (or you!) a break. And besides Neil Young, the one song that captivated me this week was The BeatlesGolden Slumbers. I had discovered it several months ago through a John Denver cover, but I only gave it more attention more recently when I listened to the Beatles version (not that John Denver’s isn’t good, quite on the contrary!). Although it is considered a separate song, there is not a separate version of it (as far as I know), being it part of a medley which also includes the great “Carry that weight” (to which the post title alludes) and others.

I’ll post the whole version, but here you have a link that contains only the two songs I mention (which are actually the ones I listen to).

Still living in the 70’s


As most of my posts show, I’m older than my dad, musically speaking. He was a entered the twenties in the late seventies, and I live mostly since the late sixties. So, I’m fond of those bands that today, and with modern knowledge and technology, try to revive the spirit of the 70’s.
One of those bands is definitely Wolfmother. Comparing them to Blue Cheer, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath or even The Doors is somewhat of a cliché nowadays, but, as most clichés, it is true!

Here’s one of their very good songs White Unicorn, preceded by a cover of Dear Prudence (another great Beatles‘ tune) and interluded by Riders On The Storm by The Doors (not the Snoop Dog version that appeared on Need For Speed Underground 2, great memories though :D)

One of my favourite songs by them is Cosmic Egg, it  carries so much energy and electricity!

See you next time, I’ll probably pull the electricity plug on the next post…

With a little help from our friends…

With a little help from our friendsHello!

Today I’m writing on behalf of the whole lot of us, I guess.

In our last general meeting, i.e. by email :P, we decided to introduce a new form of posting in this blog: invited authors!

We shall contact friends that have a musical vein, have something to say, or just know how to write on a computer, and ask them to contribute something of their own to the cacophonic mash that is our blog.

Brace yourselves, new styles are coming!

So, as Joe Cocker did here with a (not so little) help from his friends Brian May and Phil Collins, we’ll also have a blast collaborating with our friends!

If you are  an avid reader of our blog and you meet the profile I described above, consider yourself invited 😀

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: a psychedelic journey

Hi again!

You might have recognized the initials of this post’s title. If you didn’t, look again. Yes, LSD! Now it has almost completely vanished, but in the mid-60’s and 70’s it was a very popular drug, which helped create the whole psychedelic movement. This, as most influential cultures, led to the rise of new art styles, specifically new music genres. Today, I’m going to lead you in a journey through psychedelic rock, a genre which intended to replicate the hallucinogenic, mind-altering effects of the drugs, and most times succeeded! All on board? Let’s set sail to the 60’s, where bands like The Byrds, the Yardbirds or Cream were striving to success with songs like Eight Miles High, The train kept a-rollin’ / Still I’m sad or Sunshine of Your Love.

Most of these bands played extended jams live. A good example is the song on the left, eight miles high, completely transfigurated into this. These 3 bands were of paramount importance to the development of rock music, with three of the best guitarists ever playing there: Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck on the Yardbirds and Eric Clapton on both the Yardbirds and Cream. David Crosby, later of Crosby, Stills and Nash fame, came out of the Byrds.

The Beatles and Pink Floyd also had their psychedelic era, with songs like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Astronomy Domine (with Syd Barret) or Echoes (with David Gilmour). Floyd were also one of the first Space Rock bands, as psychedelia is very connected with that genre.

(Note to fellow high-schoolers: remember being on the Colosseum on the second song?)
As you probably understood by now, psychedelic rock was all about noisy guitars, full of feedback, wahwahs and fuzzboxes, prominent organs and sometimes strange instrumentation or sounds. Sometimes repeating, even mono-manic sounding riffs were spread throughout whole albums, or very big songs, such as Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, allegedly written while drunk and high – yes, they meant In the garden of eden, but were too high to pronounce it right 😛 – I’ll leave you here a shortened version of the 18min song:

Other good examples of psychedelia are Atomic Rooster (who were very much related to progressive music, as did Pink Floyd), Vanilla Fudge, Jefferson Airplane, Robert Calvert, Hawkwind (these guys completely embraced the space/psychedelia label till today – their live shows included a tripping girl dancing naked). In Germany, a genre of repetitive, unusual music borrowed much from the psychedelic culture, the so called Krautrock or Kosmische Musik, with bands like Can, Amon Düül II, Guru Guru, Neu!, Gila, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh or the better known Kraftwerk (who later moved on to electronic music) but that could be subject of a future post, with the great musical output that it provided…

As LSD was prohibited on 1966, the genre started to decline, giving way to progressive, hard and heavy rock music. However, there’s been a revivalism in the 60’s/70’s music, and psychedelia is no different. A few great up-and-coming bands are Astra, Hypnos 69, The Flying Eyes (listen to them and you’ll find out that Jim Morrison didn’t die at 27 after all), The Future Kings Of England. Other established artists have wandered through psychedelia too: Lenny Kravitz, Prince

Ok, and that is all for today. I’ve been told by some more loyal followers that so big a post is difficult to follow, so I made this youtube playlist, so that you can listen to all the songs comfortably.

Hope you’ve enjoyed another of my verbiages 😛